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Vintage Wedding Car Rental in Buckinghamshire

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Wedding Car Hire, Vintage Roesch Talbots

Do you dream about arriving at the venue of your wedding in style with a vintage car from the 1930s? If your answer is yes, talk to Clementine Vintage Wedding Cars. We are the specialist providers of popular vintage wedding vehicles; offering iconic British cars to couples preparing to walk down the aisle. 

You will certainly make a big impression arriving in our 1933 vintage Roesch Talbot (9957 AP). We take pride in ensuring a comfortable and stylish arrival of both the bride and groom at the wedding venue.

If you have a large bridal party or an exceptionally large wedding dress, why not consider hiring our 1934 Roesch Talbot Saloon (AYK 280)? It's spacious enough to accommodate families and extra bridesmaids.

couple posing in front of wedding car

Vintage Wedding Cars for Elegance and Style

Complete with magnificent interiors, wonderful exterior appearance, and large windows, our wedding cars are tailored for the elegance that newlyweds desire. We are the proud to be one of the leading wedding car hire companies in Buckinghamshire with competitive prices and a friendly flexible attitude.

red leather interior of roesch talbot

To ensure that our clients receive the best service they deserve, we have a policy of only one wedding per car per day. Divided loyalty could spoil our services

Hiring both cars for your wedding ensures that the bridesmaids and bride's mother can arrive in a special car as well as the bride and her escort.

Planning your wedding travel

We will ask you to decide the time of arrival at your pick-up address as you are likely to have driven the precise route between your pick up address and the church or venue. It is always better to allow too much time rather than too little in case of heavy traffic, unexpected roadworks etc. Furthermore, it usually takes at least ten minutes from arrival at the pick up address to departure from it. 

The bridesmaids should arrive at the church or venue a little before the bride, or at least be in the leading car if travelling in convoy, in order for them to be able to attend upon the bride with particular attention to her dress etc when she gets out of the car. For a church wedding it is usual to aim to arrive about five minutes before the ceremony is due to begin and for a civil ceremony the registrar will often ask for the bride and groom to be in attendance about fifteen minutes before the ceremony is due to start.

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